Tri-Lift NC Inc Dealer Awards
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Tri-Lift Awards

All of the associates at Tri-Lift work hard to provide our customers with the best material handling experience. After all, we know that you have a choice, and we truly appreciate that choice, being Tri-Lift!  Sometimes our efforts are recognized by others. Below is a list of the awards we’ve received by vendors and other outside agencies throughout the years

#1 in Truck Sales 1994 (Kalmar AC)

#1 in Truck Sales 1995 (Kalmar AC)

3 in Truck Sales 1996 (Kalmar AC)

1997 Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer of the Year

Sanwa Business Credit Corporation’s *Million Dollar Dealer* Award

2006 Mitsubishi Gold Dealer of the Year, Dealer of Excellence

2007 CLARK Dealer of Excellence

2007 Mitsubishi Bronze Dealer of the Year

2008 CLARK Dealer of Excellence

2008 Member of CLARK North American Best Dealer” Tour

2009 CLARK Dealer of Excellence

2009 Quote for Hope-  Top fund raising team.

2010 CLARK Dealer of Merit

2011 CLARK Dealer of Distinction

2013 CLARK Dealer of Merit 

2017 CLARK Dealer of Distinction