Forklift Operator Safety Training in Greensboro,Raleigh,Charlotte North Carolina
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Forklift Operator Training

Safe Forklift OperatorsComplete and thorough forklift operator training conducted by an experienced and reliable source will ensure your operators are safer. It also helps maintain excessive repairs and reduces your overall maintenance costs.

  • Tri-Lift’s Forklift Operator Class Contents Include:
  • OSHA Forklift Regulations
  • What is a Professional?
  • Lift Truck Fundamentals
  • Principles of Balance, Stability and Capacity
  • Pre-Operational Inspections
  • Safety Guidelines for Operating Lift Trucks
  • Safe Load-Handling Techniques
  • Fueling: IC Trucks and Batteries
  • Proper Accident and Safety Hazards Documentation

Who should be trained to operate forklifts?

Why you should thoroughly train your forklift operators

What is included in our forklift operator training classes?

Visit our forklift safety resource library

If you have not been certified in 3 years or more or ever, or you have been in a forklift related accident or infraction, you need to take a re-certification course. We offer re-certification courses for operators who have previously been certified, as well as full course for un-certified operators.

When everyone is one board you can operate a safe and productive facility. It is not good enough for operators alone to understand these principles of safe forklift operation. It is important that those in charge also understand them in order to make sound judgement about when training is needed. Read about forklift refresher training on OSHA’s eTool.

Visit the OSHA website to find informational materials directly related to forklift operator safety training. You can also visit OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck eTool to learn more about operating forklifts, warehouse safety and lift truck training.