Warehouse and Fleet Management Articles
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Warehouse and Fleet Management Articles

Forklift Fleet Optimization – Purchasing a new forklift or other material handling equipment can be expensive, but that’s just a fraction of what it costs to operate it efficiently, or inefficiently. Getting the most bang for your forklift buck means understanding …

Avoiding the Flu Like the Plague
 – Few things can cripple productivity like the flu, and the season is upon us. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people contract the flu, and the costs mount for them and your operation. Find out what the flu really costs us and how we can work to limit its effect on our material handling operations this season.

Forklift Purchase Price vs Total Ownership Costs – There is much more to purchasing forklifts and other material handling equipment. We have found, over the years, that often there are variables that can greatly affect the total cost of ownership of anything, be it an automobile, forklift or a giant cargo container.

Green Initiatives in Supply Chain – There are literally hundreds of things you can do to improve energy consumption in your facility. From the smallest gestures like turning off unused lighting to giant projects like installing solar panels, all your efforts go into improving the climate we live in as well as the atmosphere our employees work in every day.

Electric Forklift vs Internal Combustion; The Benefits of Going Green – Electric forklifts are taking over in popularity for a variety of reasons. Technology has allowed manufacturers like Linde to produce forklifts that will do the same work, outdoors as their IC counterparts. Read the added benefits and how to take advantage of them.

2015 U.S. Economic Predictions – 2014 was a pretty solid year for most of us in materials handling. We scoured several credible sources to find out what 2015 might bring our economy. Read what we discovered, and why. 

Equipment Acquisition Strategies – There are several ways to acquire heavy equipment, like a forklift. The answer about how to acquire that equipment is not so cut and dry. How you acquire capital equipment should be determined by answering a few questions, then having a discussion with your financial representative. The two of you together should be able to come to a conclusion about how to proceed.