Linde RX60 Forklift Features and Benefits
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Linde RX60 Electric Forklift Features & Benefits

The Linde RX-60 series of 80 Volt Four Wheel Electric Forklifts provides a real breakthrough forthe typical internal combustion user that needs a High Performance truck without emissions. First let’s take a look at the unique benefits of High Voltage technology in Electric Forklifts:

Power Efficiency– For the same power output, the higher-voltage platform provides its power with less current draw, as shown by the electric power equation: W(watts/power) = V(volts/electromotive force) x A(amperes/current)

Longer Battery “Run Time”– In testing it was discovered that 80 volt trucks routinely have TWICE the run time of 36 and 48 Volt systems. This translates to less battery changing and sometimes eliminates the need to change batteries completely, increasing the amount of work done by the forklift operator.

Longer Electrical Component Life– By lowering the amount of current needed to perform the same amount of work, less heat is generated. Heat causes electrical components to fail. Less heat = less component maintenance and truck downtime

Lower Energy Bills– 80 Volt systems not only use less energy to do the same amount of work as 36/48 Volt systems, but they also make charging the battery easier and quicker due to less resistance from the battery accepting the charge.

Interchangeable with LPG Trucks– The combination of 80 Volt power and AC electrical motors yields electric trucks that have equal to or better performance than equivalent LPG powered trucks. These trucks are designed to work outdoors in the rain, up and down ramps, with any type of attachment, with cabs and heaters, etc.

The new RX-60 25C and 30C from Linde is the only manufacturer offering superior 80 Volt technology in a cushion-tire warehouse forklift. That’s right, now you can replace your traditional 5-6,000lbs capacity LPG truck with these trucks from Linde which in addition to all of the benefits of the 80 Volt system also provide:
  • 1000 Hour Maintenance Intervals
  • Completely Adjustable Truck Performance Settings
  • Low/No Maintenance Disc Brakes
  • Ergonomic Excellence with an Armrest with Hydraulic Fingertip Mini-Levers, a Floating Operator Compartment and a High Comfort, Full Suspension Seat as Standard Equipment
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