Planned Maintenance for forklifts,lift equipment and aerial lifts by Tri-Lift
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Planned (Preventive) Maintenance

Forklift Service CaptionForklifts, aerial lifts and other industrial equipment bear the daily burden of your materials handling operation. Lifting, moving and depositing thousands of pounds at a time. Ensuring they are operating properly, within manufacturers specifications and free of safety issues results in increased productivity and reduced down time. A few of the major benefits include:

  1. Improved safety – Parts operate properly and have less chance of failure.
  2. Improved performance – Forklifts operate more efficiently.
  3. Improved useful life – Regularly maintained forklifts last longer.
  4. Lower costs – Less breakdowns, means spending less over the useful life of your forklift.
Tri-Lift’s Planned Maintenance program takes you out of the service business. We keep track of, and schedule your service appointments based upon your equipment’s needs.  A comprehensive, professionally managed Planned maintenance has shown to increase the useful life of your equipment, lowering your overall material handling costs dramatically in some cases. Our team of professionals will ensure that your equipment is serviced according to your operational needs and any OEM factory requirements. 

Our factory trained technicians operating out of fully stocked services vans means minimizing operations interruptions.  We perform planned maintenance thousands of times a year and we know that a thorough and complete PM makes a much greater impact on your productivity and profitability.

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You will find our labor rates some of the most competitive in the industry. Couple that, with the extensive training and professionalism of our technicians and there’s really no better choice than Your One Reliable Source, Tri-Lift NC, Inc.