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Forklift and Aerial Lift Service

In a constantly changing environment the key to providing the service you expect is the ability to ADAPT. At Tri-lift, we believe that our ability to adapt enables us to provide you with excellent Forklift and Aerial lift services with competitive prices. From forklift services to fleet management programs, Tri-lift offers multiple services within the material handling equipment industry to meet all of your needs.
  • Radio Dispatched Vans with GPS for quicker response
  • Each Technician has Laptop Computer
  • Dedicated PM Technicians
  • Factory Trained
  • In-House Pick up and Delivery
  • Well-Stocked Vans
  • Service All Brands

Safety/Service Inspections: Maintain or Lose

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Whatever the Service Needs, We can meet your requirements

Breakdown Service– If there is something wrong with your forklift or aerial lift and you need a technician to come out and fix your problem.

After Hours breakdown service also available for emergency repair requests! Our service technicians can be on call at any time, day or night, that your facility needs them. After hours service requires a minimum of 4-hours billable time but when it comes to being down all night or all weekend, 4 hours is only a drop in the bucket to what can be lost in production. Call and ask about our additional service packages today.

Planned Maintenance – This is a service program in which inspections, minor adjustments, lubrications, oil changes and replacement of filters are preformed on a scheduled and systematic basis. This is the key to maintaining a low-cost, long life lift fleet.

Read the feature benefits of Planned Maintenance by Tri-Lift.

Full Maintenance– These packages take the hassle out of lift truck maintenance- allowing you to concentrate on your business while we take care of your lift trucks. These can be customized to your fleets needs and size.

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. can handle most any repair job, such as:

  • Forklift Brake Jobs
  • Forklift Mast Repair
  • Forklift Engine Rebuild/Replacement
  • Forklift Transmission Rebuild/Replacement
  • Paint Jobs
  • On-Site Tire Pressing
  • Exhaust (Carbon Monoxide) Testing
  • Full Battery Service (See Industrial Battery Page)

Learn more about our complete Material Handling Aftermarket Support Program by clicking the picture below.