Tri-Lift NC Inc Achieves Platinum Level Aftermarket Award
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Tri-Lift NC, Inc. Achieves “Platinum Level” Aftermarket Award from UniCarriers

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been awarded the “Platinum Level” Award for aftermarket excellence by UniCarriers Americas for 2015. This marks the second year that Tri-Lift NC, Inc. has earned aftermarket awards from UniCarriers.

Last year we earned “Gold Level” aftermarket excellence award. The program from UniCarriers, began in 2014 and we have achieved awards both years they were available!

UniCarriers Americas dealerships that participate in the Aftermarket Excellence Program strive to achieve challenging performance standards across eight categories. Among them are:

  • Business Planning
  • Employee Competency
  • Customer Satisfaction.

As a result, dealerships become more successful by providing their customers with:

  • Skilled Technical Service
  • More Efficient Work Order Processing and Billing
  • Higher Overall Quality Products and Services.

UniCarriers Americas introduced its Aftermarket Excellence Program in 2014, replacing the Service Excellence Program Advertisement that was established in 1995. With AEP, program requirements are even more challenging. The program incorporates comprehensive parts metrics, giving dealers the tools to create a foundation on which to build a solid aftermarket offering and strong parts and service teams.

This award is indicative of the level of employees Tri-Lift hires, combined with the training we provide, to give our customers the very best experience every time they contact us for equipment, service, rentals, parts or training. We are all very proud to have received this recognition by UniCarriers America.

Visit our Aftermarket Support Page to find out what makes service from Tri-Lift NC, Inc. so different and why our efforts result in awards like those UniCarriers and other manufacturers have bestowed upon us.