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10 Ways Infinity High Frequency Chargers will Save You Money

1. Safety
Eliminating battery changes reduces risk of personnel injury during the battery change operation and enhances pedestrian safety in the vicinity of heavily congested battery change area by reducing lift truck traffic
  • Batteries remain in the truck and handling heavy batteries is avoided 
  • Infinity HF Charger may be placed where trucks normally operate 
2. Eliminate Battery Room or Charging Area
Eliminating battery conventional charging and change equipment results in substantial savings
  • Reduced equipment requirement 
  • Simplified operation 
  • Elimination of OSHA / EPA trouble spot 
3. Increased Productivity
Increased availability and productivity – elimination of battery change time, transit time and waiting in line at charge area 
  • Increased availability and productivity of operators 
  • Reassignment of battery room techs to other duties 

Example: 1 battery change per shift, 15 min. battery change, 2 shifts per day, 260 work days per year, 50 trucks, with operator pay and benefits of $18/hr=$117,000/year in productivity savings by eliminating battery changing 

4. Reduced number of batteries
  • Customers typically carry one battery per truck per shift 
5. Battery Change Area rework avoided
Customers typically upgrade, re-rack, re-work acid wash systems periodically to maintain OSHA standards and efficiency
  • Eliminating the battery change area and equipment avoids the need to rework facilities 
6. Eliminate Change Equipment & Maintenance
Because the equipment is no longer needed, the maintenance performed on it is eliminated. 
  • Change machine or overhead hoists are unnecessary and can be removed
  • Service calls eliminated due to removed equipment 
7. Reduced Truck & Battery Maintenance
Truck maintenance is reduced because Infinity HF Charger encourages operation at higher battery voltages; battery maintenance is reduced because the Infinity HF Charger accurately controls charge – no damage from handling battery since it remains enclosed in compartment
  • Battery voltage stays high
  • Less stress on motors and components due to higher voltage levels 
  • Reduced watering frequency 
  • Battery handling eliminated 
8. Reduced Electrical Costs
Infinity HF Charger controls charge to eliminate unintentional overcharge and resulting energy waste; Replaces typical 110% overcharge of conventional chargers with a 93% Energy Efficiency rating.
  • Infinity HF Charger charging within a 30% to 80% range is most efficient
  • Infinity HF Charger patented charge technology – avoids unintentional overcharging 
9. Eliminate Change Area Ventilation
Ventilation systems are required for conventional battery change areas. Requirement eliminated with Infinity HF Charger 
  • Infinity HF Charger has reduced gassing and complies with OSHA, NEC and NFPA requirements.
  • Savings from eliminated ventilation power consumption and service work 
10. Truck Costs
To facilitate exchanging batteries, some trucks require rollers on Teflon slides.
  • Batteries remain on truck and devices to ease exchanges are unnecessary