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3-Wheel Cushion Tire Electric Forklift

36V & 48V

CLARK’s S-Series, 3-wheel electric S-Series forklift extends their legacy with a SMART, STRONG & SAFE lift truck the exceeds the expectations of our customers seeking performance in a compact, emission-free forklift.

SE15T-25T Highlights


This S-Series lift truck showcases advancements in SMART componentry and lift truck design with:

  • Advanced electric steering
  • 11 different model configurations to fit any application
  • Zapi ACE-2 new generation controllers
  • Increased battery efficiency
  • High-resolution 5.6″ LCD dash display
  • Optional telematics system for monitoring truck activity


Today’s working environments demand a STRONG performing lift truck, and this one delivers:

  • Fully welded heavy gauge frame
  • New staggered nested I-beam upright
  • Six-roller carriage with side thrust rollers
  • Truck maintain maximum capacity to max lift height of 188″


CLARK makes your safety their priority with safety features that include:

  • Ergonomically designed operator compartment
  • Self-activating parking brake (SAPB) which activates upon operator exit
  • Speed-limit control in turns to aid with overall truck stability
  • Optional rear-view camera with on dash display

SE15T-25T Features


  • High-visibility 5.6” LCD interactive display with
    visual and audible warnings
  • Password protected access to advanced truck instrumentation and settings
  • Dash allows users to view alarm logs and
    change truck settings without a laptop or
  • Three performance modes: Economy for max work time, Standard for typical/daily operations and Power for maximum productivity
  • Dash integrates with optional equipment
    including back-up camera, load weight indicator and a seat belt interlock


  • Adjustable full-suspension seat with retractable
    orange seat belt provides operator comfort over
    long operational periods
  • Easy entry/exit with grab handle and low step height
  • Spacious operator leg and knee space with
    forward-positioned OHG legs
  • Built-in operator convenience console with storage area
  • Hood-mounted levers with low input force
  • Offset steer column with tilt range of 13° helps prevent interfering with operator’s knees


  • Staggered and nested I-beam upright provides a shorter right-angle stack for reduced lost-load
    and increased strength, stability, and visibility
  • One of the tightest turning radii in the industry for indoor and narrow aisle applications
  • Fully welded heavy gauge frame for solid lifting performance
  • Carriage and roller design keep forks level and reduces carriage twist


  • Fully enclosed drive, lift and steer motors each lead to reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and a higher ROI
  • All-electric braking system has no brake pads to wear or fluids to check or leak
  • Electric steering provides less overall energy consumption promoting longer battery life
  • Electro-mechanical parking brakes, drive
    motors, and drive axles can be serviced without removing upright

SE15T-25T Featured Videos

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