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Industrial Batteries and Chargers

New Batteries and Chargers

Reconditioned, Used & Rentals

Industrial Forklift Battery Services

The price of raw materials has increased dramatically over the past years, greatly increasing the cost of replacement lift truck batteries and chargers. Maintaining these assets is necessary to reduce your replacement frequency and prolong the life of your equipment.

Planned Maintenance
At Tri-Lift Industries we offer on-site battery and charger fleet inspections that allow us to help assess your needs and establish the best plan for your application. Once your batteries are on track, we recommend quarterly inspections to prevent, identify and solve, any problems that may develop. This total care battery and charger planned maintenance program covers seven (7) major areas:

  • Watering cells
  • Washing and Neutralizing
  • Cable damage and wear
  • Contact and connector wear
  • Charger start and finish rates
  • Torque charger connections
  • Cleaning inside the charger

Additional Battery and Charger Services

  • Specific gravity adjustment
  • Cell replacement
  • Connector repair or replacement
  • Cover replacement
  • Cell jar replacement
  • Clean and neutralize the battery.
  • Reseal compound
  • Intercell connector replacement
  • Cable repair or replacement
  • Battery Safety and Loss Prevention
  • Transformer repair or replacement
  • Diode replacement
  • Rate adjustment
  • Torque high current connections
  • Timer replacement
  • Cable replacement
  • Connector replacement
  • Ammeter replacement
  • Cable repair or replacement

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