CLARK Forklift Video Showcase
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Learn more about the features that make CLARK forklifts leaders in productivity and performance. For complete specifications on stock CLARK Forklifts, please visit our CLARK Forklift Showroom.

CLARK’s New WPL25 Electric Pallet Jack CLARK WPL25 Electric Pallet Jack
CLARK’s new Lithium Ion battery powered pallet jack, weighs in at less than 300lbs, but can carry quite a load and improve productivity in your materials handling operation.  See the features and advantages of this little workhorse

CLARK’s Workhorse Revealed 
The CLARK GTS Series (GTS 20-33) impresses with solid construction and high quality components. With wet disc brakes and a split transmission as standard features, this series is extremely reliable and durable. Most importantly, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is significantly reduced since brake maintenance is minimal. The GTS20-33 series trucks are quality designed for distribution, manufacturing and warehousing of all types. Click to see the video. 

CLARK Tech-Talk: Ford 2.5L Engine 
The innovative FORD 2.5L LPG 4-cylinder engine is now available for installation across CLARK’s C20C/C32C and C20/C35 product lines. What this means for you is a smooth-running balanced engine, variable valve timing, sequential multiport LP fuel injection and extended maintenance intervals up to 500 hours. Learn more in this video. 

CLARK C40/45/50s/55s Forklifts 
The CLARK C40-series is an IC-Pneumatic (LPG/Diesel) lift truck designed to tackle any task placed in its path. The open-core, plate-fin radiator provides maximum cooling to the engine and transmission in the harshest environments and the most demanding applications. The C40-series is equipped with a two-stage air filter system that removes 98% of incoming dust and debris before it enters the filter media. 

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CLARK C60/70/75/80 Forklifts 
With a capacity of up to 18,000 lbs, the CLARK C60-series is all the truck you will ever need. This IC-Pneumatic (LPG/Diesel) lift truck is highly maneuverable, easily serviceable, broadly flexible, and extremely dependable. With the combination of a 100 HP engine, fully automatic 3-speed transmission, wet disc brakes and rugged chassis design, the GEN2 C60 provides the exceptional performance, maneuverability and durability in its class that you’ve come to expect from CLARK. 

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CLARK GEX16/18/20s Electric Forklifts 
In the past, one truck would be used for outdoor applications and another truck would be used for indoor warehousing. Now one GEX can handle both environments, leaving you with the thought…two “hands” aren’t always better than one. 

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CLARK NPX 15D/17/20/22 Reach Trucks 
Rugged and reliable, the CLARK NPX series forklift offers superior controllability, excellent front and rear visibility and high-speed operation to help increase productivity and profit while helping to improve operator safety and ease of maintenance. 

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CLARK WS22M Straddle Stacker
CLARK introduces the WS22M powered drive straddle narrow aisle stacker for work positioning in tight areas. 24 Volt permanent magnet drive motor with rare, Earth neodymium magnets increases efficiency and duty cycle. 

See the features and advantages of this CLARK straddle stacker. 

CLARK WSTX22 Counterbalance Stacker  
CLARK introduces the WSTX22 powered drive counterbalanced narrow aisle walkie for handling a variety of loads. The AC controller and drive motor as well as the regenerative braking system reduce maintenance and improve performance.