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CLARK to Introduce Electric Forklift to S-Series Line-up

Building on the success of it’s S-Series internal combustion models, CLARK Material Handling will soon ad to the line-up it’s first S-Series Electric model.

The SE15-25T 3-Wheel model will complement the internal combustion models with many of the features that make the S-Series line-up SMART, STRONG and SAFE.

The SE15-25T, with capacities up to 5,000lbs. electric will be built at CLARK’s Lexington, KY manufacturing facility and a few of the advancements will include:

  • All-electric braking system with regen motor braking
  • Spacious operator compartment
  • Reduced-height overhead guard
  • Industry leading initial step height
  • Great right-angle stacking ability
  • The only OEM with a 5,000lb capacity electric three-wheel
  • Tall and short battery compartment options

CLARK’s new S-SERIES three-wheel electric lift truck extends their legacy with a SMART – STRONG – SAFE lift truck that meets the challenging and changing needs of customers. For use in manufacturing, warehousing, bottling and logistics – along with a variety of other instances – this new electric lift truck may soon become the workhorse you’ve been looking for. And while they are launching it the coming months and really can’t show it to you yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t be one of the first to hear about it! Follow this link and be among the first to get information on this great new truck! Or just scan the QR code below.