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Featured Forklift and Material Handling Products from Tri-Lift

AcidSorb Pillows
Start by placing AcidSorb Pillows in the drip pans of all battery storage stands. AcidSorb Pillows absorb acidic spills and display a color change when neutralized. Protect equipment from corrosion and personnel from hazards. Only replace saturated pillows as needed. Learn more about AcidSorb Pillow Kits.

CLARK Introduces New FORD Engine for GEN2 Forklifts
CLARK Material Handling has announced that GEN2 Model, LPG forklifts will feature Ford’s 2.5 Liter that will improve peformance, reduce maintenance costs and improve efficiency. This addition will also cut engine service intervals in half! Learn more about the new forklift engine.

Linde Blue Spot Safety Light:
Revolutionizing Pedestrian Safety

Whenever there is a possibility that forklifts and pedestrians may meet in storage, incoming goods, dispatch or manufacturing areas, special safety precautions are necessary in order to prevent accidents. Read more…

Linde’s 346 Series 3-Wheel Forklift
If your company operates 3-wheel lift trucks, or if you’re a company seeking to increase warehouse space, you owe it to yourself to find out what makes the Linde 346 the choice of so many companies. German engineering, built here in South Carolinia, the 346 is unlike any other 3-wheeler. Find out how…

Big Joe e30 Electric Pallet Jack
The e30 3,000lb capacity fully electric pallet truck provides a level of economy and performance that make it the best value in the industry. If you’re looking for a powered pallet truck at an attractive price that is well built and is easy to operate, our E30 motorized pallet truck is a perfect choice.
Learn more and see the video

Linde RX60 Electric Forklift
The Linde RX-60 series of 80 Volt Four Wheel Electric Forklifts provides a real breakthrough for the typical internal combustion user that needs a High Performance truck without emissions. First let’s take a look at the unique benefits of High Voltage technology in Electric Forklifts:

Learn more about what makes the RX60 an excellent IC replacement and see it in video 

Infinity High Frequency Chargers
With opportunity charging, equipment downtime is no longer wasted time. The Infinity charge profile allowsyou to utilize idle periods to charge batteries. Not only will you maximize the use of the truck idle time, you may eliminate the need to change batteries, reduce accidents changing batteries, eliminate the need for required battery-changing equipment and battery storage space, and reduce the number of batteries you’ll need to buy. 

Read more about Infinity High Frequency Chargers 

Clark GEX Series Electric Forklifts
The new Clark GEX Series shatters the notion that electric forklifts are not applicable for your outdooroperations. With 80 Volt power and pneumatic tires, sealed components and capacities up to 10,000lbs, the GEX line is ready to challenge internal combustion forklifts for the king of indoor/outdoor applications.Check out the GEX line-up for yourself, then Contact Us for a quote. You will be glad you did.

See the GEX Series Video