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Our Featured Article libraries are designed to help you operate more efficiently, effectively, productively and safely in your material handling and warehousing operations. We believe in sharing our experiences to help our industry do something better, more efficiently or safely.

To make your material handling and warehouse operations safer and more productive

Learn how to keep your fleet operating at peak efficiency, productivity and safety

Information to help you make the right selection of equipment to suit your operation

Helping you run a more efficient, effective, productive and safer warehouse operation

Articles designed to help you manage your operation more efficiently and profitably

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Safety Articles

Forklift Operator Refresher Training Explained – By now, we all know that anyone that operates lift trucks in your facility MUST be trained to do so. This training needs to be done on YOUR type of equipment, operated in YOUR facility. But when does an operator needs to be “refreshed” on forklift operator training, and why? OSHA States:

OSHA’s Free Safety Consultation Program – OSHA provides small to medium size companies that lack the resources for safety departments and managers a free consultation service to help identify areas that present potential liabilities and hazards. Learn more about the program and sign-up.

8 Factors Reducing the Safe Lifting Capacity of Your Forklifts – You just purchased a new forklift.  Along with your purchase, you made sure your forklift operators were trained properly. Operators’ knowledge of …

Four Traits of Safety-Minded Companies – As managers and owners, we want a safe work environment for our employees. Unfortunately, all too often, it escapes us. Time passes quickly, and initiatives that were once important standards become guidelines or even merely suggestions. How can we ensure that when we put safety measures in place, they will stay in place as employees come and go in a business climate that is constantly in flux?

Best Practices for Forklift Safety – This Feature Article identifies some of the best practices that the safest companies make in their material handling operation. Remember, it is up to us to ensure that our employees stay safe during the day to return home and work tomorrow.

Site-Specific Forklift Operator Training – Most companies comply with classroom and hands-on training regarding forklift operator training.  However, many fall short when it comes to ensuring their forklift operators are trained to the unique characteristics that can create hazards in your warehouse.  This article walks you through the process of ensuring you establish an effective site-specific forklift operator training component for your forklift operator training program.

New OSHA Report on the Costs of Not Protecting Our Employees – A new report generated by OSHA highlights the real costs associated with on-the-job injuries, who pays them, and how this impacts the employee and taxpayers. Read the Executive Summary and download the complete report.

6 Tips that will Help Protect Your Employees from Heat Illnesses –  The hot summer months are upon us. Workers who are not accustomed to working in the heat can quickly become ill and experience heatstroke, leading to serious illness and even death. There are a few things to keep in mind about heat-related illness and what you can do to help prevent it in your workers. 

Four Decades of OSHA: Intents and Outcomes – The Occupational Health and Safety Act created OSHA as we know it today, back in 1972. This month, we look at who signed the Act, why, and what has transpired in the more than 4 decades that the agency has been in operation. 

Four Major Benefits of Formal Operator Training –  There is a distinct difference between teaching someone something, like safe forklift operation, and truly training them to perform the function safely and efficiently. We have addressed this topic in our … 

Safety Training vs. Teaching, Knowing the Difference – Since the new forklift training regulations took effect back in 1999, thousands of operators and workers have been killed and injured by forklifts and other material handling equipment. As a result, hundreds of … 

Pre-Shift Inspection Guide OSHA Forklift Requirements – Pre-Shift Inspections are absolutely critical to low cost of ownership and operator/company safety. Find out more about why OSHA requires these here.

Pedestrian Safety is no Accident What You Need to Know – When it comes to forklift safety, a lot of it is placed upon safe forklift operation—as it should be. 

Why Training is Crucial for Business – Forklift drivers have a difficult but important job. Getting them trained brings lasting benefits. Find out why forklift operator training is so important.

Maintenance Articles

Minimize the Costs of Your Forklift Tires – Tri-Lift Industries, Inc. offers several tips that will reduce your forklift tires’ costs and improve the performance of your lift truck fleet.

5 Things Planned Maintenance Will do for Your Bottom Line – Like anything else, take care of it, and you’ll reap the rewards. Your forklifts are no different. Find out how your business bottom-line benefits from regular maintenance of your forklifts.

Proper Fork & Chain Inspections – Forks and chains bear the brunt of the daily workload. Any wear and tear creates stress at critical points. This article highlights what you need to…

10 Things You Need to Know About Planned Maintenance – Like an annual trip to your local physician for a check-up, a well-thought-out Planned Maintenance agreement with a qualified and reputable service company can dramatically increase the longevity of your equipment as well as significantly reduce your…

Keep Your Cool and Improve Your Bottom Line –  Your bottom line can be directly affected by weather elements and what they can do to your lift truck fleet.  Heat results in increased engine wear part…

Equipment Articles

3 Reasons to Convert to Electric Forklifts – With all the advancements in electric forklifts and battery/charger technology, there’s never been a better time to eliminate emissions. Discover the 3 main benefits of going green.

Join the Electric Forklift Revolution – Over 70% of new forklifts sold this year has been electric. Find out what’s driving this decision and how now, more than ever, is a great time to join the revolution.

The Shocking Truth About Electric Forklifts – Over the last few decades, electric forklifts have made great advances in the forklift market. Read more about what is driving this and why you should consider electric forklifts.

Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Your Forklifts – There are obvious questions you will ask when you consider your next forklift(s) purchase. This article reveals a few questions you may not have considered but might want to. 

Benefits of Going Green with Your Forklift Fleet – There is little doubt that the world is looking for cleaner and more responsible products to use in nearly every facet of life.  So it only makes sense that forklift companies… read more

Warehouse Articles

Keep the Heat on Winter; Prepare Your Warehouse – Winter is here; many companies will pump tens of thousands of dollars of energy they could be saving if they prepared properly. This month’s article shows five things you can do to make money out of the furnace and put it to your bottom line.

4 Ways to Improve Dock Safety – Docks are bustling places and represent a significant risk for an accident or incident, particularly during busy seasons.  You can do some things to reduce this risk and demonstrate the intention of creating a safe work environment for the employees that operate on or around your docks. Read more…

Variables in Space Planning – Designing the correct type of pallet rack system to meet your needs properly has become increasingly complex in recent years. There are many different types of systems now available; read more…

Optimize by Fighting the Space Invaders – As the economy rebounds, it will be important to the bottom line that your warehouse is optimized to handle the increased business. The most cost-effective time to prepare… read more… 

Management Articles

When is it Time to Replace Your Forklift Fleet – Questions that will help you determine when the appropriate time is to replace your aging forklift fleet.

Forklift Fleet Optimization – Purchasing a new forklift or other material handling equipment can be expensive, but that’s just a fraction of what it costs to operate efficiently or inefficiently. Getting the most bang for your forklift buck means understanding …
Avoiding the Flu-Like the Plague
 – Few things can cripple productivity like the flu, and the season is upon us. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people contract the flu, and the costs mount for them and your operation. Find out what the flu really costs us and how we can work to limit its effect on our material handling operations this season.

Forklift Purchase Price vs. Total Ownership Costs – There is much more to purchasing forklifts and other material handling equipment. We have found, over the years, that often, some variables can greatly affect the total cost of ownership of anything, be it an automobile, forklift, or a giant cargo container.

Green Initiatives in Supply Chain – There are literally hundreds of things you can do to improve your facility’s energy consumption. From the smallest gestures like turning off unused lighting to giant projects like installing solar panels, all your efforts go into improving the climate we live in and the atmosphere our employees work in every day.

Avoiding Expensive Repairs and Accidents: the Benefits of Forklift Operator Training – When it comes to avoiding costly damage repairs for companies, find out how mandated forklift operator training can mitigate risk.

Electric Forklift vs. Internal Combustion; The Benefits of Going Green – Electric forklifts are taking over in popularity for various reasons. Technology has allowed manufacturers like Linde to produce forklifts that will work outdoors as their IC counterparts. Read the added benefits and how to take advantage of them.

2015 U.S. Economic Predictions – 2014 was a pretty solid year for most of us in materials handling. We scoured several credible sources to find out what 2015 might bring to our economy. Read what we discovered and why. 

Equipment Acquisition Strategies – There are several ways to acquire heavy equipment, like a forklift. The answer about how to acquire that equipment is not so cut and dry. How you acquire capital equipment should be determined by answering a few questions and discussing with your financial representative. The two of you together should be able to conclude how to proceed. 

The Process of “Going Green” with Your Forklifts – Now is the best time to consider conversion to electric forklift. But having a partner that understand the process of conversion and what you need to consider is important to “getting it right.” Here we lay out our process of converting to electric forklifts.