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Equipment Article Library

 3 Reasons to convert to electric forklifts in 2020 – With all the advancements in electric forklifts and battery/charger technology, there’s never been a better time to eliminate emissions. Discover the 3 main benefits of going green in 2020.

Join the Electric Forklift Revolution – Over 70% of the new forklift sold this year has been electric. Find out what’s driving this decision in 2020 and how now more than ever is a great time to join the revolution.

The Shocking Truth About Electric Forklifts – Over the last decades, electric forklifts have made great advances and dominate the forklift market. Read more about what is driving this and why you should consider electric forklifts.

Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Your Forklifts – There are obvious questions you will ask when you consider your next forklift(s) purchase. This article reveals a few questions you may not have considered but might want to. 

Benefits of Going Green with Your Forklift Fleet – There is little doubt that the world is looking for cleaner and more responsible products to use in nearly every facet of life.  So it only makes sense that forklift companies… read more

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