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Green Initiatives in Your Warehouse

“Going Green” is a catchphrase that many companies have resisted.  However, companies that have incorporated energy conservation into their warehousing are raising their bottom -line profits each and every day.  Why?  Because energy costs money, and if you’re saving energy, you’re saving money.  The limiting factors, however, have been and continue to be the up-front costs, and calculation of a true R.O.I. for each energy- and resource-saving initiative. 

Although the government has not yet mandated conservation efforts, it is plain to see that we are headed in that direction.  With the world’s population increasing, more automobiles in production, and more countries establishing themselves as manufacturing and service sources, the United States will likely play a pivotal role in the world’s direct approach to energy and resource conservation.  Getting on the bandwagon now puts companies at the forefront and allows them to spread the costs of implementation over many years. 

Some initiatives cost very little to implement and can be in place rather quickly.  Others need more research, outside assistance and resources (financial and otherwise).   Some of the more popular basic initiatives we are seeing include:

There are many things that your employees and you can do to embrace “Going Green” initiatives.  Start small. Make a list and implement the measures that make the most sense for your operation.  Most importantly, inform your employees of your new stance on energy and resource usage.  With them on board, your job will be a lot easier.  Set goals, have contests, provide incentives, make it real.  Provide training where it makes sense and is needed. 

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. can provide you with guidance and assist you with many of the products and services we have presented in this article to help you get on and stay on the track of energy and resource conservation. Contact us at 866-393-9833 to speak with one of our professionals.