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 Forklift Engines and Transmissions

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. is your source for forklift engines and transmissions for all makes and model forklifts. We can provide you with the right engine to fit your forklift and budget. Before you incur the expense of a new forklift engine or transmission, consider allowing our professional service department to evaluate the engine and/or transmission. Often times, when forklift engines or transmissions begin acting unusual it is because it needs service or parts replaced. 

If your forklift engine or transmission needs replacement, we have access to all types of engines for all makes and model forklifts. We have access to new forklift engines, re-manufactured and refurbished engines to meet your budgetary requirements.

If you do not have a qualified and experienced forklift service technician to install your forklift engine, let us do it for you! We have a full service shop in all of our locations, and you can rest assured your engine or transmission is being installed by experienced forklift service technicians.

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. wants to be your One Reliable Source for all your forklift service and parts needs.