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 Forklift Oil, Hydraulic Fluid and Filters

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. is your source for engine oil, hydraulic fluid and filters of all kinds for all makes and model forklifts

If you change your own oil on your forklifts, be sure you are changing the oil at manufacturers recommended intervals, based upon your usage and operation type. This is important in keeping your forklift warranty in tact should you need to utilize it. Oil that has lost it’s viscosity no longer provides proper protection for your forklift engine, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear on the engine, increased heat and a loss in useful life of your forklift. Equally important is replacing your forklift oil filter with an appropriate replacement to keep your warranty intact and provide proper filtration for the oil type you are using.

Contaminants in the hydraulic system can decrease the life expectancy of the hydraulic cylinders as well as the hydraulic lift valves. The hydraulic filter helps filter out all of the contaminants prolonging the use of the hydraulic parts. Transmission fluid may get debris and contaminants that would result in reducing the power, difficulty in speed shifting and in some case, engine start problems. Ensure to include replacement of transmission filter whenever performing a routine maintenance to continuously run the forklift at its optimum level.

Let Tri-Lift NC, be your One Reliable Source for all your forklift oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and all your filter needs. Our parts department has the experience, knowledge and resources to provide you with the right products, when you need them.