Benefits of Forklift and Aerial Lift Planned Maintenance by Tri-Lift | Tri-Lift NC, Inc.
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Benefits of Forklift Planned Maintenance by Tri-Lift NC, Inc.

Customer Service Representative personally assigned to your account

  • Provides a personal, one-on-one contact with the Tri-Lift, NC family of professionals.
  • Personal professional service. Makes doing business easier and saves you time and money.

Dedicated PM Technician personally assigned to your account

  • Performs PM services in a professional manner and is dedicated only to PM service
  • PM Technician not to be called away for breakdown work while performing your PMs. No conflict of interest serving as a breakdown technician

98% Planned Maintenance Completion Rate

  • Insures the completion of your Planned Maintenance Services on time, and on schedule
  • Confidence that your fleet is being maintained in a timely and professional manner

No Travel Charges

  • No travel charges on PM Services
  • Reduces the overall costs of fleet maintenance

Line Cards

  • Reduces downtown by having all data for each forklift
  • Less downtime. Increases efficiency and accuracy

Computerized PM Program

  • Customer Ownership Machine File / Automatic Scheduling / OEM Guideline Services / Parts and Labor Tracking / Cost per hour by unit / fleet
  • Insures a comprehensive PM program schedule. TLI manages your fleet so that you don’t have to

Flat Labor Rate

  • Provides one discounted labor rate for all PM Services
  • Saves money and permits accurate forecasting for fleet costs

The OEM / Tri-Lift, NC Connection

  • Direct support from the manufacturer
  • Immediate technical support. Reduces downtime. Save money by reducing troubleshooting

Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Removal of all hazardous materials such as fluids, filters, batteries, etc
  • No concerns of dealing with hazardous wastes pertaining to PM Services

No Cost Equipment and Application Survey

  • Provides an assessment of your entire fleet as well as identifies application opportunities. Provides a comprehensive reference of your fleet for TLI Parts and Service
  • Creates a structure and plan for managing your forklift equipment and applications. Computerized reference expedites service and parts and increases efficiency and accuracy

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