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Forklift Pre-Shift Inspection Forms

Pre-shift inspections have been the law for two decades and besides maintaining compliance, the make great sense in terms of employee safety, productivity and the overall health of your business. Forklift inspections are important for:

  1. Safety: Forklifts are powerful and heavy machinery used to move and lift heavy loads. Regular inspections ensure that forklifts are in safe working condition, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries to operators and bystanders. Inspections help identify potential hazards, such as faulty brakes, worn-out tires, malfunctioning controls, or hydraulic leaks, which can be addressed before they lead to accidents.
  2. Compliance: Forklift inspections are often required by law and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with safety standards. In many countries, employers are legally obligated to maintain a safe working environment and regularly inspect their equipment, including forklifts. Adhering to these regulations helps avoid penalties, fines, or legal issues.
  3. Preventive Maintenance: Regular inspections allow for early detection of mechanical issues or wear and tear on various components. Identifying problems in advance enables proactive maintenance and repairs, preventing breakdowns or major failures that could lead to costly repairs, downtime, and interruptions in operations. By addressing minor issues promptly, more significant and costly problems can be avoided.
  4. Equipment Longevity: Forklifts are a significant investment for businesses, and proper maintenance can extend their lifespan. Regular inspections help identify areas that require attention, such as lubrication, filter replacement, or component adjustments. By keeping the forklift in good working condition, its overall longevity is increased, reducing the need for premature replacements and saving costs in the long run.
  5. Operator Confidence: Consistently inspecting and maintaining forklifts boosts operator confidence. When operators know that the equipment they are using is well-maintained and safe, they can perform their tasks more efficiently and with peace of mind. This can lead to improved productivity, reduced operator errors, and increased overall operational effectiveness.

Overall, forklift inspections are vital for ensuring the safety of operators and those around them, maintaining compliance with regulations, preventing accidents and breakdowns, extending equipment life, and optimizing productivity in the workplace. Below is a video that helps walk you through an inspection of your lift trucks.

Our forklift inspection checklists for electric and IC forklifts are also an important tool to help you conduct thorough inspections of your lift trucks. These were developed with inspection suggestions directly from OSHA. Remember to also inspect any additional equipment you’ve added to the forklift, safety lights and other products, attachments etc…

We believe forklift safety starts with operating a safe forklift. For any questions about service or parts as a result of your inspections, please contact us at 866-393-9833.