High Capacity Forklift Rentals and Sales
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High Capacity Forklifts from Tri-Lift

Tri-Lift NC, Inc. is your source for the industry’s highest quality, highest capacity forklifts. The convenience of our locations in the Carolinas and the resources we have put behind our commitment to the big forklift market makes us the logical choice when you need a high capacity forklift.

Whether you need a 30,000lb capacity cushion or a 35,000lb pneumatic diesel, Tri-Lift NC, Inc. has access to the forklift with the specs you need to get the job done.

We represent the finest brands in high-capacity forklifts. Both Linde and Hoist have a tradition of quality products that perform at a high level and are reliable in the toughest applications.

When you combine the most trusted brands with a trusted dealership like Tri-Lift NC, Inc. you have ONE RELIABLE SOURCE for all your high-capacity forklift needs!

Not all forklift dealerships are cut out to handle high-capacity forklifts. Dealers that dabble with big forklifts can not provide the support once they are sold.

Commitment to the high-capacity forklift market requires considerable capital investment and Tri-Lift NC, Inc. has made that commitment to the manufacturers to not only sell the units, but provide the support you need to keep your forklifts operating and productive.

We stock high capacity forklifts to meet the needs of our customers, including:

  • Short-term and long-term rentals
  • All types of leasing options
  • Full-maintenance agreements

We have put the resources behind training our service technicians to service big forklifts. We have also invested in the parts inventory and equipment that we need to ensure your high-capacity forklift down time is minimized.

Committing to the big forklift market means stocking parts, and these parts aren’t cheap to stock. Waiting for days for parts means down time. We stock many major parts needed to maximize your productivity.

Our Corporate Trainer can ensure that your forklift operators are well-trained to operate high-capacity forklifts. Big forklifts come with situations not often encountered by smaller forklifts. Safe operation means lower costs, improved productivity and less damage.

Whether you need a 30,000lb cushion for one day or a 35,000lb pneumatic diesel for six years (or anything in between,) you can count on us to provide you with the product you need at the terms you want and the support required to keep them running.