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Hoist High-Capacity Forklifts

Hoist High-Capacity Forklifts

Hoist Liftruck is a U.S. manufacturer of high-capacity lift trucks ranging from 7 to 57 tons. From heavy-duty cushion tire and pneumatic forklifts to container handlers and reach stackers, all of our lift trucks and terminal tractors are forged in America.

Each lift truck is engineered and manufactured to maximize its durability, productivity and serviceability needed for the most demanding applications. This ingenuity also allows Hoist Liftruck to have industry-best lead times of 8-12 weeks for most equipment. With our U.S. roots dating back more than 95 years, Hoist Liftruck has extensive knowledge in high-capacity material handling equipment. They continue to embody the red, white and blue collar spirit with BIG TRUCKS forged in America.

Each of their lift rucks are forged in the USA thanks to their vertically integrated factory and partnership with domestic vendors. More than 75% of the material on each Hoist forklift is manufactured in-house, including chassis, steer axles and masts, with the remaining sourced from reputable U.S. vendors such as Cummins and Dana.

Their dedicated team of professionals strive to provide comprehensive customer service from initial contact to service and parts support in the field.

Hoist Cushion Tire IC Forklifts

Cushion Tire IC Forklifts to 110,000lb. Capacities

Hoist Electric Forklifts

Cushion Tire Electric Forklifts to 40,000lb. Capacities

Hoist Extendable Counterweight Forklifts

Extendable Counterweight Electric Forklifts to 80,000lb. Capacities

Hoist Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Pneumatic Tire IC Forklifts to 125,000lb. Capacities

Hoist Container Handlers

Container Handlers to 99,000lb. Capacities

Hoist Marina Forklifts

Marina Forklifts to 60,000lb. Capacities

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