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Infinity High-Frequency Chargers

Forklift performance and reliability is at the heart of your operations and your lifts are only as powerful as your charged batteries allow them to be. If your facility uses Ferroresonant or SCR battery chargers, you may want to consider the benefits of the Infinity high frequency opportunity chargers by Stanbury Electrical Engineering.

With opportunity charging, equipment downtime is no longer wasted time. The Infinity charge profile allows you to utilize idle periods to charge batteries. Not only will you maximize the use of the truck idle time, you may eliminate the need to change batteries, reduce accidents changing batteries, eliminate the need for required battery-changing equipment and battery storage space, and reduce the number of batteries you’ll need to buy. Opportunity charging with Infinity high-frequency opportunity chargers also increases productivity by eliminating the need for an operator to leave the work area, travel to the battery room to change batteries, and then travel back to the work area.

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Case Study in IC Forklift to Electric Conversion: Stemco Inc., Rome Georgia

Just consider this: by simply making the switch to Infinity high frequency opportunity chargers, you may be able to eliminate your battery change room/area, as well as all its OSHA and EPA hotspots: charging and changing equipment and associated maintenance; a power-hungry ventilation system and its required service calls; and any upgrades to maintain OSHA standards. Moreover, you can put that real estate to better use. This benefit alone adds up to substantial savings for your company.

But you won’t be sacrificing quality for increased savings. A leading motive power expert states, “The Infinity high frequency charger utilizes a full bridge IGBT switch mechanism to create the purest DC output available from an industrial battery charger today.” Such revolutionary switch mode circuitry provides you with the best of both worlds: reduced costs and increased productivity, which in turn lowers your overall operating costs.

Some highlights on how Infinity high frequency chargers will save you time, space, and money include:
  • Fast: 20% charged batteries zoom to 80% charged in just over two hours
  • Flexible: Uses existing batteries – no vented battery trays, no dual DC cable requirements, no double intercell connector, and no thermal management systems required; maximizes power remaining in batteries.
  • Productive: Charges at any idle time: shift changes, lunch, breaks and returns cooler, faster, reliable power to batteries during periods of downtime.
  • Energy Efficient: Maintains a 0.96 leading power factor with a 92 percent energy efficiency rating; lower RMS charging current reduces battery heating, which means longer battery life; ONLY chargers in the industry to provide an almost pure DC current
  • Economical: Competitively priced; quickly recoups its cost in electricity and battery-life savings; short-term return on investment
  • Reliable: Most Infinity chargers are completely solid-state; no moving parts to wear out; no fans that could draw contaminants through the cabinet and cause potential for component damage
And talk about ease of use! Infinity chargers are simple to operate, offer the voltage and amp hour specific to meet the exact needs of your industrial batteries, and are exceptionally lightweight. But it’s the opportunity charging capability and all its associated advantages that really make Infinity High Frequency Zip Chargers outshine the competition.