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Linde Forklifts – The Features, Advantages and Benefits

Click to visit our Hydrostatic Drive Difference page featuring a short video on the benefits of hydrostatic drive, and information on how this unique drive system sets Linde forklifts apart from conventional lift trucks.

Click to see our video on the Linde VW 2.0 powerplant that delivers more power and emits less carbon than competing brands.  Find out how Linde’s engines can last so long and cost so much less to operate than conventional forklifts.

Best all-around visibility, low noise levels and comfortable, easy operations make the new Linde 1313 an exceptionally productive tool and intelligent investment. Click to see the 3 minute video highlighting the major ergonomic features.

What makes the Linde 1313 so efficient and durable that service intervals can be up to 1,000 hours!  Watch our 3 minute video to find out, then call us to find out more or arrange for a free demo.

Protecting the inner workings of your forklift is key to survival.  Watch this short video and see how Linde protects working components betting than any conventional forklift.

All of these major benefits of Linde ownership contribute to reducing your overall forklift costs. Read our feature article “The Hidden Costs of Forklift Ownership” to see how these factors will make Linde, likely the lowest cost alternative to any other major forklift brand. In the long-run…..nothing beats a Linde.