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Tri-Lift NC, Inc. is your source for a wide variety of electric forklifts. Electric forklifts constituted 65% of the forklift market in 2015 and their popularity is growing. As technology advances with batteries and chargers and electric forklifts are designed for outdoor applications, people are realizing the many benefits of electric forklifts, including:

  • Dramatic reductions in maintenance – fewer moving parts, less heat and friction means less maintenance and fewer parts to replace.
  • Reduced fuel consumption – The right¬†forklift battery and charger¬†combination for your lift trucks and operation can mean less costs for fuel over the useful life of the forklift.¬†
  • Longer useful life – Electric forklifts last longer since they generate less heat, have fewer moving parts experience far less wear and tear.
  • Improved ergonomics – Electric forklifts have no vibration caused by internal combustion engines. In addition they operate silently, reducing audio irritation often caused by IC engines.
  • Improved emissions – Electric forklifts produce zero emissions, leaving your facility free of carbon monoxide and other toxic emissions.

And no one has a wider variety of makes and models of electric forklifts than Tri-Lift NC, Inc. Click on each link below to learn more about each brand’s offerings.

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