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TCM and Nissan Forklifts Combine to Create UniCarriers Brand

In order to assume its role as an industry leader, Nissan Forklift and TCM have come together as UniCarriers to compete more aggressively in a changing environment and focus on what they do best.

With the merger, forklifts will no longer be just a peripheral business unit within a broader automotive company. Forklifts will be the sole business. This focus allows UniCarriers to rethink their business model to bring you smarter logistics solutions faster.

With forklifts as the primary focus,  they will be revisiting their  business model and putting customers front and center. UniCarriers customer-centric approach will define everything they do from product development to service delivery.

Despite the exciting changes ahead, you can count on several constants:

  • Commitment to excellence.
    They may have a new name, but their passionate people, tried-and-true high-quality processes and best-in-class products remain the same—and will only get better.
  • Belief in true partnership.
    The tenacious attitude, collaborative approach and innovative spirit will continue to define UniCarriers. They are as driven as ever to find new, creative ways to partner with suppliers, customers and dealers on what will prove to be a mutually beneficial growth trajectory.
  • Commitment to strengthening our Dealer partners.
    Developing and supporting their network of exceptional Dealers—through comprehensive, industry-leading technical support and training—to help Dealers achieve business efficiency and better service Customers.
  • Pledge to protect the environment.
Operating, and helping customers operate, as green companies remains an imperative.

Most importantly, they hold firm their belief that your success is their success. We are all deeply committed to making this transition successful—while making it easier for you in the process. We look forward to taking our first leap forward with your business as UniCarriers.

Tri-Lift is proud to be your ONE-SOURCE for quality UniCarriers products in North Carolina and Southern Virginia. Our commitment to you, the customer as well as your success is consistent with UniCarriers main theme of creating successful partnerships in the market. This makes us a logical choice for distribution, service and parts of their products.